Friday, September 5, 2008

The Moor's Last Sigh - post one of one hundred

"in the beginning and unto the end was and is the lung: divine afflatus, baby's first yowl, shaped air of speech, staccato gusts of laughter, exalted airs of song, happy lover's groan, unhappy lover's lament, miser's whine, crone's croak, illness's stench, dying whisper, and beyond and beyond the airless, silent void.

"a sigh isnt just a sigh. we inhale the world and breathe out meaning. while we can. while we can.

"we breathe light, the trees pipe up. here at the journey's end in this place of olive-trees and tombstones the vegetation has decided to strike up a conversation. "we breathe light," indeed; most informative.....

"henceforth, ill turn a deaf ear to prattling foliage with its arboreal metaphysics, its cholorophyllosophy. my family tree says all i need to hear."

Salman Rushdie


Grandma said...

He is a genius - everything he writes gives you a lot to think about. Taking a simple thing like breathing that we take for granted and showing us its importance in our lives.
Are you going to post 99 others?

Dreamcatcher said...

I've put down my thoughts on some of Rushdie's books on my blog. Check it out :