Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cinema verite

Sorry about the lack of pictures today. Reading is just so good. This quote has stayed with me since I read it a few months ago but I never posted it. Werner Herzog was asked if there are moments of cinema verite in Grizzly Man. This is how he answered:

"Verité comes in at certain moments when [Treadwell] is in the Starsky & Hutch mode and he’s wearing his bandanna, the sexy camouflage bandanna. And he jumps away on the little path and disappears. And he disappears for twelve seconds, which is a long time in the film and footage. Disappears for twelve seconds and reappears. But what is in between—all of a sudden you see reed grass, long stems, and… wind bending the grass. Everybody overlooked it, and I had the feeling that this is verité. "

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