Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Findings from Harper's, June 2009

"A Russian zoologist found that stray Muscovite dogs had adjusted to post-Soviet urban life by commuting from the suburbs on trains. The dogs, who prefer the front- and rearmost cars and occasionally miss their stops when they fall asleep, have also learned to obey traffic lights in spite of their color blindness."

I wholeheartedly recommended this issue. It's got the previously unpublished "Little Drops of Water" by Kurt Vonnegut, a poem by Tennessee Williams, and "My Great Depression: Ten dispatches from the near future" by Colson Whitehead, Sherman Alexie, Ben Marcus, and more.


************* said...

I loved that clip too! Just posted an excerpt from the Werner Herzog diary on my site, and linked to yours :) Hope that's ok! www.baltimorediy.blogspot.com if you are interested!

Anonymous said...

thanks guys... i forgot to renew my subscription. just downloaded the online version yaY!

- Omar