Monday, March 24, 2008


The first episode of the Showtime TV adaptation of This American Life focuses on the theme of reality checks. It's pretty incredible. You can get more info here. What an interesting theme.

The book Banvard's Folly deals with failure and flawed genius. This is another theme I gravitate toward - for example, the Glass family and Wes Anderson's films, including the one inspired by the Glass family. A review of the book calls John Banvard's life "the most perfect crystallization of loss imaginable." At least Wes Anderson's films provide some hope of redemption.

I like making connections between otherwise unrelated stories and people to greater themes like the two examples above. I also like it when those connections are organized and articulated clearly. Maybe that's why I love Lawrence Weschler's Convergences and the beginning of Magnolia so much. Please recommend similar things.

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