Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Meghan and I decided to start our first weekly feature: recommendations. Check in every Friday to see what we like each week. I don't want to wait until Friday, so I'm going to post mine now. It's funny how I'm writing this as if people beside Meghan and I read this.

1) Make Em Laugh

Great PBS documentary series on comedy in America. Two hour long episodes air each Wednesday for the next few weeks. Tonight's episodes were about outsiders and sitcoms, and the nice thing is that in between the interviews (which spoke to the larger themes and societal patterns challenged by the comedians), they show really fucking funny archival.

2) Soup

It's been keeping me warm for the past few days.

3) The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman

Energetic, optimistic writing about serious issues.


M E L I $ $ A said...

i read your blog too!

Got Nothing? said...

As do I! I totally agree on the soup; I made a big pot of Taco Soup on Monday night, so I've been toasty all week!