Thursday, January 15, 2009


Since Stephanie jumped the gun, so will I. Here are my recommendations for this week.

1) Blood oranges

Juice and delicious, and only 79 cents each at your average Brooklyn grocery store. I especially recommend them to people who don't usually like the pulp of oranges, because they have a good texture and are very easy to peel clean.

2) Roberto Bolaño's 2666

What a shame that he had to die! 2666 hops from European literary critics to a fictionalized account of the women murdered in Juárez, Mexico to a reclusive German author, but it is all grounded by Bolaño's obsession with the abyss. It's terrifying, but I can't put it down. In lieu of continuing to make post after post of Bolaño quotes, I will leave you with just one more that I love and that just barely scrapes at how genius this book is.

"Instead of El Obelisco, some called it El Moridero. And in a way they were right, because there was no obelisk and people did die much faster there than in other places. But there had once been an obelisk, when the city limits were different, farther off, and Casa Negras was what might be called an independent town. A stone obelisk, or rather three stones, one set on top of the other, stones stacked in a haphazard column, though with imagination or a sense of humor the stack could be seen as a primitive obelisk or an obelisk drawn by a child learning to draw, a monstrous baby who lived outside Santa Teresa and crawled through the desert eating scorpions and lizards and never sleeping."

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